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The Subban Defence League Story

Founded in 2017, this specialized hockey camp is designed to develop young players into difference makers and leaders.

Our experienced and proven team, including P.K. himself, are committed to sharing tools, tips, and insights into what it takes to be a champion on and off the ice.

As we enter our sixth year, we remain ever focused on providing a world-class experience to any and all young players. With further advancements and evolution on the horizon, the Subban Defence League is quickly establishing itself as the elite choice for adolescents who want to stand out and Change the Game.


The Subban Defence League gives young players the advantage of top quality coaching and programming, equipping them with the tools necessary to Change the Game and turn heads in every arena they enter.

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The P.K. Subban Foundation

Since its inception in 2014, the P.K. Subban Foundation has worked tirelessly to support a variety of youth and community initiatives.

The foundation’s vision is to create positive change through building a community that is passionate about helping children all over the world. The opportunities and potential of our children should not be shaped by limited economic barriers, which is why the P.K. Subban Foundation has a simple mission: to empower children and families by creating programs that provides support throughout the most challenging times in their lives.

In September 2015, P.K. pledged 10 million dollars to the Montreal Children’s Hospital, the largest ever donation by a Canadian athlete.

The P.K. Subban Foundation believes in the following key principles:


After all, giving back is contagious.


Together we can change the game.


You should never be anything but authentic.


What’s the point if you don’t love it?